Neck hernia treatment

Age 54

After undergoing ‘treatment’ at CWZ for nearly 10 months, and having tons of nerve blocks administered, I quit, requested my file and conducted a Google search. I ended up on Bergman Clinics’ site and read the reviews, particularly those of Dr Schröder. They filled me with confidence!

I checked with my health insurer if I could be treated at this clinic, made a phone call, made an appointment and was absolutely amazed at the efficiency, decisiveness, quality of care and speed and quality of the services provided. Really, when someone at Bergman Clinics tells you they’ll call you back between 10 and 11, you’ll actually receive a call! Nah, just kidding, but just to compare, at CWZ I did not have an intake interview, MRI scan and results until 9 weeks after my referral. At this clinic, I got all these things within one day!!!! And if I’d been available myself, I would have undergone surgery the very next week. Due to personal circumstances, I couldn’t go under the knife for 14 days, but even so, I was operated on and was home again within 1 month! There’s no lack of qualified staff here, the nurses actually have time to talk to you, and the doctors take their time to provide explanations and answer your questions. Hats off!

Hats off to Dr Schröder himself, too, who provided a very clear explanation of my problem and the expected results of the operation. ‘This is what the situation is like. Your finger has been caught between the door and the doorpost, and the door has been pressed shut. All I can do for you is open the door. I can’t predict how your finger will respond to being liberated. It depends on whether your finger has got damaged along the way. Maybe the pain will be gone immediately after I’ve opened the door, maybe the pain will actually grow worse for a little while because there will be some swelling which will gradually subside, maybe the pain will stay the same and will only gradually grow less intense, and maybe your discomfort level won’t change at all because your finger – or, in your case, your nerve – is too badly damaged.’ Yes, folks, it really was that simple!

Dear Dr Schröder and all the other employees of this clinic whom I got to know: THANK YOU!

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