How is lumbar spinal stenosis treated?

Surgical treatment

Generally speaking, it is quite obvious from a patient’s symptoms and experiences and from the examination results whether a patient requires surgery or not. Even so, it is up to the patient to decide whether or not s/he wishes to undergo surgery, because only the patient knows the severity of the discomfort s/he is experiencing.

In order to remove the stenosis, the patient is operated on from the back of the spine. This procedure is called bony decompression and involves making a small incision in the middle of the lower back, exactly above the level of the stenosis. The spinal canal is opened between the back muscles and two vertebral arches, and excess connective tissue and bone tissue are removed, to the extent necessary, so as to relieve the compressed sciatic nerves branching off the spinal canal..

So what happens when I undergo surgery?

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More information on lumbar spinal stenosis operations

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