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Dr Schröder's back and neck centre

Dr Schröder operates at Park Medical Centre in Rotterdam. This clinic is located at Hoofdweg 90, 3067 GH in Rotterdam. Click the button below for directions.

How to get here

Surgery manual

Dr. Schröder is happy to inform you about the surgical treatment of your neck or back condition. He also discusses the possible complications of the procedure with you.

After you've carefully weighed up the pros and cons of the surgery, you can decide for yourself whether you consider your condition serious enough to operate.

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  • Call or email for an appointment

    Make an appointment at Park Medical Centre in Rotterdam

    Call to 010-4361537 or send an email to

    Who can make an appointment for consultation?

    Our colleagues at the contact centre will be happy to answer all your questions. After asking you a few brief questions, they will put you through to one of Dr Schröder’s assistants, who will help you schedule an appointment for a consultation.

    1. If you have undergone an MRI scan of your neck or lower back (less than 2 months ago) and have a referral from a neurologist, you will be able to schedule an appointment with Dr Schröder straight away.
    2. If you have undergone an MRI scan but have not yet seen a neurologist, we recommend that you first schedule an appointment with either a neurologist at your regular hospital or one of our neurologists at Park Medical Centre.
    3. If you have not yet undergone an MRI scan, you will be able to schedule an appointment with one of our neurologists, provided that your GP agrees to this and has given you a referral. If the neurologist feels an MRI scan is in order, you will have the procedure performed with us, quickly. If necessary, a follow-up appointment with Dr Schröder can be scheduled soon afterwards.
  • Fully covered by your insurance policy

    Nearly all the treatments performed by Dr Schröder are covered by your health insurance policy.

    Read more about health insurance

  • Waiting lists

    New patients can generally see one of our neurologists or Dr Schröder within a week of first contacting us. You may be fortunate enough to be able to schedule your appointments with the neurologist and Dr Schröder on the same day.

  • Public holidays and emergencies

    The contact centre for both locations ares closed on weekends and public holidays. During these times you will be able to leave a message with our 24/7 helpdesk service. Our assistants will call you back on the next working day.

    In the event of emergencies and cases requiring immediate attention, you will be able to reach both locations 24/7. In such cases, the 24/7 helpdesk service will contact Dr Schröder, and you will be called back as soon as possible.

Patiënt testimonials

Many patients like to share their experiences with people who experience similar conditions, but have not yet had surgery.

Read some of the patient testimonials treated by Dr Schröder.

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  • Treatment of a spinal hernia

    23 May 2024

    Testimonial from "Zorgkaart Nederland"

    "Extremely pleased with Dr Schröder and Park Medical clinic. My pain was horrible and Dr Schröder and Park Medical clinic managed to fit in my surgery in very short notice."

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  • Treatment of a neck hernia

    03 August 2015

    A. van Raay's testimonial

    “Several neurosurgeons didn’t want to risk it. Dr Schröder immediately saw the nature of my problem, and a week later I went under the knife.”

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  • Treatment of a neck hernia

    23 July 2015

    Friso de Bruin's testimonial

    “I had an appointment with Mr Schröder on 29 June, and after having a good and clear conversation with him, an operation was scheduled for 8am on 2 July.”

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  • Treatment of a neck hernia

    16 June 2015

    Leo's testimonial

    “He provided excellent information on the procedure he was going to carry out and the risks I’d have to take into account. Partly because of this, I went into the operation with great confidence.”

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  • Treatment of a spinal hernia

    09 June 2015

    C.M. Boogaard-van der Kreeft's testimonial

    "Dr Schröder performed my operation. The operation went well. The pain in my hips and legs was gone at once."

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The neurosurgeon

Dr Schröder first registered as a certified neurosurgeon in 2001. Until 2003, he worked in the neurosurgery department at the MC Haaglanden in The Hague. After this he was a staff member of the neurosurgery department at the Slotervaart Hospital in Amsterdam until 2010, and from 2010 to 2022 he worked at Bergman Clinics in Naarden. Since 2020 he has been working at Park Medical Center in Rotterdam.

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Dr Schröder's blog

Dr Schröder regularly publishes new articles on his blog. Read all about spinal hernia, neck hernia, spinal stenosis, neurosurgery and other related subjects.

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