What symptoms are associated with lumbar spinal stenosis?

Pain in both legs

Only nerves pass through the bottom of the spinal canal. Pain and other symptoms are caused by the pressure being exerted on these nerves. As a result, symptoms may resemble those of a hernia. Many patients will suffer from pain in both legs, which will become more intense when they are walking. As a result, the symptoms rather resemble those of peripheral vascular disease.

Patients will experience pain when walking. Sometimes they will also experience numbness and/or a loss of strength in their legs. The pain will quickly subside when such patients take a break from walking, especially when they bend over, crouch or sit down. This is because walking will cause the spine to bend a little more, which will increase the amount of pressure exerted on the nerve. The narrowing of the spinal canal will subside a little when the patient bends over or crouches. Therefore, patients suffering from lumbar spinal stenosis are generally quite able to ride a bike. They generally prefer to lean on a trolley when out grocery shopping.

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