Once you leave the clinic:

  • Make sure that someone comes and picks you up in a car, and refrain from driving yourself
  • Make sure that you recline your car seat
  • Make sure that you are not home alone for the first few days following the operation
  • Allow the wound to heal for the first 2 to 3 weeks
  • You are allowed to shower, as the nurses will give you a waterproof plaster to cover your wound before you leave the clinic
  • You must not drive for 3 weeks, but you will be allowed to sit in the passenger seat while someone else drives you around
  • You are allowed to do whatever you feel up to, as long as you keep listening to your body and stop doing whatever it is you are doing whenever your body tells you to stop

Your doctor, nurse and/or physiotherapist will provide you with more information on how to look after yourself following the operation.

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