After surgery

You will be taken to the recovery room

Towards the end of the operation, the anaesthetist will stop administering the medication that is keeping you unconscious. You will gradually come to of your own accord. You will be taken to the recovery room, which is a separate room close to the operating theatre. A specially trained nurse will monitor you while you gradually wake. You will still be hooked up to a vital signs monitor while in the recovery room.

Room in a nursing ward

Once you are fully awake, you will be taken to your room in a nursing ward, where a physiotherapist will come and see you to explain to you how to go about moving around again. The duration of your stay at the clinic will be determined by the nature of your operation. If you are having a spinal hernia or neck hernia operation, you will generally be able to leave the clinic on the day after your operation. The same holds true for a stenosis operation. If you are undergoing surgery due to spinal instability, you may have to stay at the clinic for several nights.

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