Cervical spinal stenosis treatment

Age 51

After being involved in an industrial accident, I suffered increasingly severe pain in my neck, left arm and left leg from 2007 onwards. I visited my local regional hospital several times to undergo MRI scans and neurodiagnosis. They told me the damage wasn’t too severe. My GP, a hospital loyalist, referred me to a physiotherapist too many times. The physiotherapist referred me back to my GP because he could tell the therapy wasn’t working. My GP then referred me to another physiotherapist. I refused to go and asked him to refer me to Bergman Clinics instead. My GP refused to co-operate for commercial reasons. It took some effort convincing him, but in the end, a referral was forwarded. I was able to schedule an intake interview and a consultation with a neurologist quickly, and a consultation with Mark Schröder, neurosurgeon, even more quickly. He found that the damage I’d sustained WAS bad, and that I was suffering from spinal stenosis and a hernia, with a risk of paraplegia. Thank you, local hospital!! I was told very clearly that the operation had its cons, but I chose to undergo surgery, anyway. I was operated on two weeks later. So far, the burning sensation in my hand and foot appears to be gone. I also have a steadier gait. I’m still experiencing some pain and discomfort, but it’s been less than two weeks since my operation, and I’m confident those things will pass.

My impression: the doctors are friendly and easy-going. Other staff are friendly, too. The Naarden location is sleek and comfortable; it looks a bit like a hotel. Having a telephone consultation after two weeks is very practical. Would I recommend this place? Most definitely. Their waiting lists are short and they don’t go in for this ‘it’s-all-between-the-ears’ nonsense. They listen critically rather than giving you arrogance. So, considering the improvement I’m already noticing, I’ll say, thanks, Mark! I’ll definitely recommend you!

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