Neck hernia surgery testimonials

Our patients are keen to share their experiences with other people

Many patients like sharing their experiences with people who are experiencing the same problem but have not yet undergone surgery. Please find below a few testimonials from people previously treated by Dr Schröder.

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  • A. van Raay's testimonial

    (Neck hernia)

    Geplaatst op 03/08/2015

    Several neurosurgeons didn’t want to risk it. Dr Schröder immediately saw the nature of my problem, and a week later I went under the knife.

  • Friso de Bruin's testimonial

    (Neck hernia)

    Geplaatst op 23/07/2015

    I had an appointment with Mr Schröder on 29 June, and after having a good and clear conversation with him, an operation was scheduled for...

  • Leo's testimonial

    (Neck hernia)

    Geplaatst op 16/06/2015

    He provided excellent information on the procedure he was going to carry out and the risks I’d have to take into account. Partly because...

  • B. Schrooder's testimonial

    (Neck hernia)

    Geplaatst op 27/05/2015

    After undergoing ‘treatment’ at CWZ for nearly 10 months, and having tons of nerve blocks administered, I quit, requested my file and...

  • Özlem Okcu's testimonial

    (Neck hernia)

    Geplaatst op 13/04/2015

    To my surprise and great fortune, I could be helped very quickly, by Dr Schröder, who surgically removed my neck hernia.

  • Mike Bekker's testimonial

    (Neck hernia)

    Geplaatst op 16/03/2015

    I’d been suffering pain in my neck for 5 years. After seeing a neurologist at my local hospital in The Hague in 2010, I was told that I...

The neurosurgeon

Meet Dr Schröder

Dr Schröder first registered as a certified neurosurgeon in 2001. From 1 October 2001 to March 2003, he served as a registrar at Haaglanden Medical Centre’s neurosurgery unit in The Hague. Afterwards, he worked at Amsterdam’s Slotervaart Hospital’s neurosurgery unit from March 2003 to October 2010.

Meet the neurosurgeon

Neurosurgeon and spine specialist

Dr Schröder has served as a neurosurgeon and spine specialist with Bergman Clinics Back and Neck Centre in Naarden since 1 November 2010. Recently, he has also started working at the Park Medical Centre & Park Clinic in Rotterdam.

Meet the neurosurgeon