Neck hernia treatment

Age 35

After suffering nearly unbearable pain, taking lots of painkillers (more than 200mg morphine per day) which didn’t really help (they just made me drowsy) and hardly getting any sleep for two months, I found my way to Bergman Clinics. To my surprise and great fortune, I could be helped very quickly, by Dr Schröder, who surgically removed my neck hernia.

I noticed immediately after my operation that the pain was nearly entirely gone. It’s been a few weeks now, and I’m almost back to normal, and I’m so glad with the results of the operation. No one should have to suffer this kind of pain, so really, if you’re suffering similar discomfort due to a neck hernia, I wholeheartedly recommend Bergman Clinics. No one else will help you this quickly and this well. Warm regards to everyone working at Bergman Clinics and thanks for looking after me so well!

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