Spinal hernia treatment

Age 58

Dr Schröder performed my operation. The operation went well. The pain in my hips and legs was gone at once. As predicted, it returned about ten days later, but only very lightly. Now, three weeks later, it is nearly gone. The numbness in my legs, hips and groin is nearly gone, as well. It’s been three weeks now and I can walk and ride a bike again, and I’m hardly using any painkillers any more. The wound is also healing well. There is still some swelling around it and initially I suffered some adhesions that caused the skin to pull inwards. The scar was regularly massaged after that and has improved a great deal since then.

I am highly satisfied with the results of the operation and with the nursing care I received. I do, however, have one minor criticism (see enclosed form). I hope this will contribute to patients receiving even better care in future.

Kind regards, Mrs Boogaard

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