Spinal instability treatment

Age 68

After YEARS’ worth of backache that radiated down my right leg, I underwent surgery to fixate a displaced vertebra and a nerve that had been compressed for years!

After seeing my doctor and visiting pain management units and applying morphine plasters for years (none of which helped), a retired neurosurgeon, Dr Bongartz, told me to see Dr Schröder, whom he felt might be able to solve my problems. I’m so grateful to him for that. I was able to schedule an appointment with Dr Schröder in the short term, and true enough, he was able to tell me exactly what was going on and also told me he’d be able to operate on me!

His explanation on what he was going to do and how I’d recover after the operation and what to expect immediately felt right to me. It was all very clear. Other doctors should take notes! I underwent surgery on 1 October. I dreaded it, as it was a major operation, but it was worth it.

Of course, I didn’t expect to be pain-free at once. I’d let the injury get bad for too long for that – FOR YEARS!

But it’s been 6 weeks now and wouldn’t you know it, my leg, which has been sore for years, isn’t all that painful any more! I’ll have to be patient, but I can see the light at the end of the tunnel!

I have a high opinion of this clinic, because I had a great experience with them. Their staff are excellent!

And Dr Schröder, man, he’s a perfectionist! Hats off!!!!! I’d recommend him to anyone! THANK YOU. Thanks and thanks again!

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