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In March 1991, Dr Schröder graduated from Nijmegen Catholic University’s medical school. Between 1991 and 1994 he was a PhD student at the neurosurgery unit of the Medical College of Virginia in the United States. He received his doctorate from Amsterdam VU Academic Medical Centre for a dissertation entitled Early Ischemia After Severe Head Injury in Humans. From 1995 to 2001 he trained to become a neurosurgeon at two Amsterdam hospitals, VU Medical Centre and Amsterdam Academic Medical Centre.


Dr Schröder first registered as a certified neurosurgeon in 2001. From 1 October 2001 to March 2003, he served as a registrar at Haaglanden Medical Centre’s neurosurgery unit in The Hague. Afterwards, he worked at Amsterdam’s Slotervaart Hospital’s neurosurgery unit from March 2003 to October 2010. He joined Bergman Clinics’ Back and Neck Centre in Naarden in his capacity as a neurosurgeon and spine specialist on 1 November 2010. Recently, he has also started working at the Park Medical Centre & Park Clinic in Rotterdam.

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Over the years, Dr Schröder has specialised in minimally invasive spinal surgery, with a special focus on the following areas:

  • Micro Tube Discectomy (MTD) for low back hernia
  • Neck hernia
  • Bony decompression of spinal stenosis
  • Fixating vertebrae using the minimally invasive Sextant system and robot-assisted navigation


Dr Schröder has written several scientific articles and chapters of books. You can read some of his publications below:


Dr Schröder is a member of the Dutch Association of Neurosurgeons, the European Association of Neursurgical Societies (EANS) and the Dutch Spine Society. In addition, he chaired the anniversary committee organising the celebrations marking the 60th anniversary of the Dutch Neurosurgery Association in 2013.


Early ischemia after severe head injury in humans: evaluation with cerebral blood flow, cerebral blood volume, computed tomography and histology. Thesis defense: 28 October, 1994.

Book chapters

  • Schröder, M.L., MuizeIaar, J.P.: Regional ischernia after severe head injury in man. In: Quantitative Cerebral blood Flow Measurements using Xenon-CT. T omonaga, M., Yonas, H., Tanaka, A. (eds.), Mount Kisko, New York, Futura publishing company Inc. chaptêr 28, page 275-283, 1995.
  • Fatouros, P.P., Schröder, M.L., MuizeIaar, J.P., Kuta, A.J., Cothran, S.J.: Dynarnic CT and cerebral blood volume. In: Quantitative Cerebral blood Flow Measurements using Xenon-CT. Tomonaga, M., Yonas, H., Tanaka, A. (eds.), Mount Kisko, New York, Futura publishing company Inc. chapter 10, page 95-113,1995.
  • Fatouros, P.P., Schröder, M.L., Muizelaar, J.P., and Kuta, A.J.: Accuracy of low CBF measurements using Xenon-CT: Effect of Xenon inhalation time. In: Quantitative Cerebral blood Flow Measurements using Xenon-CT. Tomonaga, M., Yonas. H., Tanaka, A. (eds.), Mount Kisko, New York, Futura publishing company, chapter 7, page 73-83, 1995
  • Bullock, R., Schröder, M.L., Muizelaar, J.P., Salvant, J.B., and Povlishock, J. T. Pericontusional brain edema: evidence for rnicrovascular hypoperfusion in humans. In: Proceedings of the 9th international symposium on intracranial pressure, edited by Fukoda, M., Tokyo: Springer-Verlag, 276-281, 1994.
  • M.L. Schröder, Sealants in de Chirurgische praktijk. Gulik, T.M. (eds.) Academical Pharmceuti cal Productions bv., Utrecht. Chapter 14: Neurochirurgie. Page 111-121, 2010.

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